Did you know that your upcoming wedding is a production; a full day of ‘happenings’ with thousands of questions being asked?  Is there a solution to the upcoming chaos?

Why, yes, there is a solution to all the questions, delays, lost scissors and grumbling stomachs.  Hire a professional wedding planner who has many years of experience to help you with:

1.  Answer questions from the bridal party – where to be, what to do, where to stand

2.  Make the phone call to the cake baker to ask why they are late in arriving

3.  Bring the tools needed to de-stress your mother-in-law = scissors, safety pins, emergency kit

4.  Arranges for a light lunch to be delivered to your location; stay hydrated & eat breakfast and lunch

5. Musicians, photographer, officiant – if changes/updates are needed day-of, rely on your wedding planner to communicate the current details

Consider your wedding planner as a guide on your day; the professional who will be there to direct family, bridal party and guests along with those who are providing a service.  Let your wedding planner make phone calls and be your go-to person so you can enjoy every moment of your day.  Their services are essential as your wedding day is an important event in your life that requires a knowledgeable professional.


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