It’s a warm summer day with the sun beating down on the sandy beach.  No shade in sight because your wedding ceremony is scheduled on the beach.  No wind either, which is unusual, as the beach is known for an ocean breeze and hot sun.  Your guests begin to arrive to your ceremony site and mingle with family and friends.  Your procession begins with your grandparents leading the way.  It’s a warm day for them; dehydration could set in quickly. Did your wedding planner let your photographer know to start post-ceremony photos with your grandparents first so they could get out of the sun?

The scenario noted above has happened more than once.  Shouldn’t the photographer know to capture the moment with the bride and groom with elderly, frail family members first?  How would you define common courtesy at that moment?

When selecting professionals for your wedding celebration, please refer to your wedding planner first.  I know, you just found a photographer online that you think is the best person for you; their services are within your budget and you like their website.  But, I beg you to consult with your wedding planner before signing a contract for any services.  Why you ask?  Because I have seen too many grandparents and parents standing on the beach in 90 degree weather waiting on the photographer to snap their photo with the bride and groom.  If your photographer is a professional and has captured at least 100 events and has worked on the beach, they know to start the photos with specific guests or family members first.

All professionals should be aware of their surrounding and offer common courtesy to your guests especially the elderly or physically challenged.  Your wedding planner is there for you on your wedding day to help you, your family and guests.  Your photographer should know to focus on the guests who might need to leave the site first due to health or limited physical abilities.


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