Tell Me Everything


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If you select a wedding planner to assist you in the planning of your wedding day, please plan to tell them everything.  When I say, ‘everything,’ I mean all the details about:

  • what your expectations are on your day
  • the atmosphere/look/vibe that you want created/experienced for your guests
  • disclose the actual guest count and include any pets, children (of all ages), vendors providing a service
  • potential problems – logistics, directions, Type ‘A’ personalities
  • budget for your event

Your wedding coordinator will, in turn, create a timeline for your day that reflects where you and your wedding party (including parents, grandparents, VIP guests) needs to be at certain times of the day.  Please plan to follow the timeline as it is created to help keep your wedding day moving forward.  The timeline will also let you know when deliveries will be made, when professionals will be arriving and when you need to be ready for photos.  The timeline will give you and your bridal party (including parents,  grandparents, VIP guests) a look into the future to assist them in getting ready, where to be for photos, what is happening before your ceremony, and what is happening after.

The timeline doesn’t ‘hold your hand’ or fluff your dress or deliver breakfast to you.  If there isn’t a line item for it, it doesn’t happen under the coordination of your planner.  Those responsibilities fall into the hands of your bridal party – Maid Of Honor/Matron of Honor or Best Man.  Hence, you need to communicate everything to your wedding planner so they can delegate to the bridal party, BFF, future mother-in-law.

If you elect not to disclose the details to your wedding planner, do not expect your day to flow smoothly.  Adding, changing or delaying a segment of your day causes a ripple affect which in turns delays the next announcement/photo opportunity or movement forward.  Depending on the item/task that is being pushed back, your meal could be cold, the frosting on your wedding cake could soften and begin to slide off the cake, or, your photographer could leave your event before capturing the final fair-well/send off.

When you disclose/tell/communicate the details of your day to your wedding planner, they will have a better understanding of what you want, your focus.  Your planner keeps that message/vision close to their heart as you are their client.  The planner wants your day to go smoothly without any hiccups, drama, yelling or unnecessary stress.  Let us help you the best way we can.  But, we are not mind readers so speak up and communicate and let your voice be heard.

Is there ever a time to not tell your wedding planner about what you are planning?  NO!  Tell me everything.

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