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Your day evolves around time.  Your wedding celebration also revolves around time.  The same 24-hours that you had yesterday will be the same ‘hours’ today.  When it is your wedding day, plan to make the most of the day and hours with a qualified, seasoned wedding planner.  They will be your crystal ball to look into the future – your wedding day – to know if your celebration will be a relaxed, fun day or if there be not-so-good surprises.

Keeping to a timeline is the best way to ensure you are not stressed, forget to be somewhere or arrive late to an appointment. Make your timeline a priority and follow the timeline.  Communicate the timeline to your family, bridal party and friends, so they know what is to happen and the sequence of the events noted.

Your ceremony and wedding processional needs a timeline.  Your cocktail hour and reception needs a timeline.  Your wedding party needs a timeline along with your immediate family.  The chef/caterer needs a timeline along with the officiant, photographer, musician, hair & make-up artist, florist and dessert/cake baker.

Are you prepared to create your timeline?  Do you know where to start and how much time to allot for each line item or task?

  • How much time is needed for hair and make-up?
  • How many family photos do you want the photographer to take?
  • Are you planning a ‘first look?’
  • Can your dessert/cake be placed/displayed outside or will the dessert need to be refrigerated just before cut?
  • Do you want a few moments of quiet time with your groom/partner prior to being announced to your guests?
  • Does your wedding dress have a train? Will the dress need to be bustled?
  • I.P. Guests – you will want to allocate time to talk to each guest
  • Do you want guests to see you/visit with you prior to your ceremony?

Here is when your wedding planner is worth every $100 spent for their service…

Your seasoned professional wedding planner knows to ask these and many other questions as the planning process moves forward to ensure your day and hours are well spent on the details that are important to you.

Your wedding planner will discuss with you each task/line item/delivery/staging on your wedding day and allocate a specific time for each task/responsibility/coordination/delivery.  They will be the ‘go to’ person to coordinate all the vendors as they arrive/deliver/set-up/break-down/place flowers/cover tables with linen & napkins/place escort cards, programs/count guest chairs/welcome signs/Thank-you Gift.

If you want to learn more about how your wedding day will unfold, hire a qualified wedding planner who will share their crystal ball – a thorough timeline – for you on your wedding day.


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