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With my “A” personality streaming thru my fingers onto this page, I wish to save you time and money as your plan your wedding day.  If you have or have not been married before and are looking for advice from a seasoned wedding professional who is willing to share ‘both sides of the coin,’ please read on.

Anne Thornley-Brown is the President of Executive Oasis International (www.executiveoasis.com), a professional team building facilitator, keynote speaker and meeting facilitator.  She wrote the attached article (link) to help those planners, coordinators and supervisors who are in charge of large corporate events.  Her insight can also save wedding couples hundreds of dollars as they begin planning their celebration.


Ms. Thornley-Brown discusses:

  1. Picking event dates out of the air and locking them in prematurely
  2. Leaving planning until the last minute
  3. Failing to take advantage of low and swing seasons
  4. Selecting venues before determining the shape of the agenda or the activities you want to include
  5. Failing to include taxes and gratuities in your budget
  6. Paying late and watching your budget skyrocket


If you are flexible with your event date, consider a Thursday event or a Sunday sunrise ceremony.  Trying to plan an event two months out can be done but your selection of available professionals will be limited.  The weather and temperature on Hilton Head Island in February and March can be very nice for an outdoor celebration.  Plan to have a strong ‘Plan B’ just in case.  Taxes and service charge should always be considered part of the cost of catering, deliveries – any type of service.  Look for these amounts on every invoice.  Paying on time as noted within the contract signed will save you stress and $$.

Of course, your “A” personality wedding planner can help you avoid the six costly mistakes discussed.


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