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Lisa Kenward Events writes about personal experiences to reflect and share timely happenings and offer suggestions to issues she has experienced, heard about or read about in trade journals, with the hope of educating future wedding couples. 

Topic for discussion:  The three types of brides.  Do you see yourself in one of these categories?

Helicopter bride – sends an email every day about the details of her wedding day.  Wants to be involved in every aspect of planning even down to the color of the town car that will be used as transportation.

“I am too busy” bride – knows she needs a wedding planner but cannot find the time to make a decision.

“I’ll hire you but don’t use you” bride – Bridal Posse takes over the wedding day.

Your wedding day will be less stressful with a professional wedding planner.   Plan to utilize their organizational skills, knowledge and experience to help guide your decisions.  If you hire a wedding planner, hire them because you trust them.  Trust their judgement and rely on their experiences not to lead you down a path that they know will not work.  Again, trust their judgement.  When they say something won’t work or they know you won’t like the outcome, listen to their communication and follow their lead.  Your planner knows that a black town car is the right decision to offset your ivory lace mermaid-style gown with sweetheart neckline.

If you are too busy to make decisions, hire a professional wedding planner that listens to your ideas and allow them to make suggestions and decisions for you within your guideline and budget.  Researching venues, caterers, florist, musician, officiants and photographers is what we do.  As part of the process, deadlines are needed and enforced.  If you cannot make a decision, the wedding planner will make it for you.  Your wedding is their priority.

Why hire a wedding planner if you aren’t going to listen to his/her suggestions?    You have paid for the service, so why aren’t you utilizing their expertise and knowledge?  If you are going to listen to your bridesmaids and not the wedding planner, set the professional free.  Release him/her from the contract that you signed.  Nothing is more frustrating than to listen to a wedding party make decisions for the bride – decisions that have already been decided upon by the bride and communicated to the wedding planner – weeks before.   If I am not needed, send me home.


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