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For me, 2015 will be remembered as the year of craziness, stress, travel, smiles, personal celebrations and the year that I apply for the next professional title with the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC).

In November, I will be applying for my Accredited Bridal Consultant title with ABC.  I compare the application  process to a college degree in Social Psychology, Finance and Architecture & Environmental Design.  Many current Members of ABC with the title of Professional Bridal Consultant (PBC) apply for the next stage in development while working 60 hours a week running their business, juggling family time and networking with other professionals.

So why do I feel compelled to another layer of professionalism to my successful status?  I feel the need to stay current with training, seminars, research and development to offer a thorough understanding of the wedding industry – past and future – to my clients.  And, there is a streak of competition within me.

With the designation of Accredited Bridal Consultant, I will be the only Accredited Member with ABC within Beaufort County, South Carolina.  This designation with ABC is a big deal and being the only Accredited Member in my county is even bigger.  And, yes, I have an ego too.

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