The writings within my blog reflect current topics.  My inspiration to write comes from conversations that I have with my clients, local professionals and from articles that I read – some current, some several years old.  Due to a conversation that I listened to today, I feel compelled to expand on the information that was communicated to me.

My opinions are my own compiled by facts and feelings on various subjects that have a significant meaning and value to my work.   For my future clients and to those local professionals that haven’t worked with me yet, I want you to know that I am here for my client providing factual information so they can make an informed decision on who they want to have perform a service for their event.

My focus is my client not the vendor providing a service.  I expect the vendor to do their job; not to tell me how to do mine.

I am passionate about every event I coordinate reviewing the details and communicating every detail to ensure your event reflects your ideas and vision.  Am I there to babysit another business owner?  In the eyes of my client, yes.  My client pays me to ensure their event happens using the timeline created.

So, who am I?  It maybe easier to explain who I am not.  I’m not the person who created the wheel but I do understand the principal and can expand on the concept.  I am not thin skinned as my outer layer is wrinkled with years of hands-on experience.  I am not a quitter as I will continue the path that I am meant to travel.  If a select few chose to follow or walk beside me on my journey, I welcome the company.  Just remember who I am.

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