The January/February publication of Wedding Planner Magazine has an article written by Staci Nichols, owner of Revolution Weddings, noting current facts and figures about budgets, value and food costs.  If you are struggling with making the right choices for your wedding, read on…

According to Modern Bride magazine, the average couple puts 37% of their wedding budget towards the venue fee.  From that number only 8% of guests note that they remember the location of your wedding.

Seventy-seven percent of brides and grooms value their wedding fun over any other quality, according to wedding expert, Liene Stevens of Think Splendid.  Sixty-eight percent of brides and grooms want to see more real wedding planning advice – not styling – on wedding blogs.

Modern Bride reports that, before the wedding, the bride and groom place their menu at the top of the planning priority while entertainment is the lowest.  Post-wedding results report that the entertainment should have been their top priority.

Making any type of decision can be difficult for a few people.  Making a decision that affects your wedding day budget can be easier than you think.  Consider my top three suggestions that I share with my clients.

1.  Do you really need it?  Buying gold sprinkles to embellish 20 guest tables will add up.  Specialty cocktail beverage napkins aren’t needed.

2.  Make a timely decision from the selection of good, better, best professionals offering their service on your wedding day.  Stay focused by only reviewing professionals that you can afford.  Prioritize your list/decisions to reflect what is important to you.  Consider the, ‘Your wedding is tomorrow’ concept.  Don’t procrastinate.  If I told you that 30 other brides have also selected your wedding day, would that influence you to book your officiant, florist and venue location, now?

3. Less stress, be happy!  As your wedding date gets closer you should be less stressed.  If you are not, hire a qualified wedding planner.  All the big decisions (those taking a chunk out of your budget) should have been made 6 to 8 months prior to your date.

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