July is here. Where did June go? As I look forward on my calendar to prepare for the upcoming events in September, October, November and December, time is ticking by. Are my clients ready? Have they made all the decisions needed to ensure their wedding day will be as they wanted? Did they procrastinate or leave the decision in my hands?

It’s your wedding so it should be your choice who is to officiate your ceremony and your choice who the caterer is and most definitely who will be the florist providing the most beautiful bouquet you have ever seen –just for you – as your walk to your ceremony.

Gregg Leatherman is a Yahoo Contributor who wrote ‘The Wedding Is Tomorrow’ paragraph below. His insight as a soon-to-be married man who needs to make timely decisions because his ‘wedding is tomorrow’ (concept advise given to him by his planner) motivates him to make timely decisions many months prior to his wedding day. If your ‘wedding is tomorrow’ and you haven’t made the decisions needed… procrastinator, read on!

1. The Wedding Is Tomorrow

When we reserved our wedding chapel, the planner there advised us to make “the wedding is tomorrow” our mantra. Even though we still had several months to plan, we took him seriously.

No matter how much time you think you have, the date will sneak up on you. In fact, my bride and I had already postponed our marriage once, due to the logistics getting away from us. No matter how strong your relationship, postponing a wedding is a bummer. But once we started saying, “the wedding is tomorrow,” we began acting with a sense of urgency.

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