When deciding which company will provide a specific service for your wedding day, consider those businesses listed on your Wedding Planner’s Preferred Vendors List. Making your selection from that list will help you narrow the selection down to a few local professionals that your Wedding Planner has worked with in the past. Pick a business owner with references and interview that company yourself to ensure compatibility and quality. Sounds like an easy assumption, right? Wrong!

Relying on your caterer to provide the music for your wedding day isn’t a good idea. Your caterer knows food and presentation and safety measures. Select professionals that are focused on what they do best – a caterer knows food, a D.J. knows music. The two should not mix professionally. Would you purchase your wedding dress from a photographer?

Your Wedding Planner can help you by leading the way with a specific list reflecting businesses that they have worked with and suggesting who they feel would be a good fit for your wedding. Ask for references and call the business owner to discuss your vision. A one-stop shop doesn’t ensure quality.

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