When searching for a wedding planner, would you prefer a professional that wears a coat of armor – prepared to tackle problems with a direct, factual approach focusing on getting a positive result or a passive, unresponsive person who ignores the problem? If you aren’t sure where I am going with my message, read on…

When approached with a topic that won’t make a few people happy = uncompromising family member or ‘party-ready’ bridal party three hours before your wedding ceremony, a Professional Bridal Consultant (PBC) will deliver the necessary message without any fluff.

I am sure that you have heard the expression, ‘there is a time for everything.’ This saying rings true for many special events including your very important day – wedding day.

A PBC is focused on creating a relaxed atmosphere for you – bride or groom, funneling and diverting the negative from the hosts however possible.

Are you looking for a leader with a ‘Type A’ personality to coordinate one of your most important days or a person who walks away from conflict? Will a coat of armor fit or does the cashmere sweater?


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