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Yesterday, I met with an organized and passionate destination bride in Beaufort, South Carolina.  She welcomed me with a big relaxed smile, an inviting hug, and told me of her wedding plans so far.  Miss Bride-To-Be glowed.

As our conversation switched from one topic to the next, it was apparent that she had researched local vendors, made tentative plans for services and was enjoying the process.  So, why did she want to meet with me?

My passion is event planning.  My focus is positive, involved, directed and purple.  Yes, that is correct, it’s not a typo – purple.  The color opens my eyes wider, stirs my creativity, reminds me of my focus and is the color used in my branding.  I wear a purple flower to all events and the color has become part of my trademark branding.

Elizabeth Skenes Millen, Founder and Publisher of PINK Magazine, writes in her February editorial about passion.  Her words touch my spirit and add another dimension to the meaning.  She notes a total of fifteen definitions of passion with all of them leading to an action.  Here’s a few….

“Passion stands up for what is believes.”

“It is hard to sit with passion because it gets you going.”

“Passion is a gift.”

“Passion puts bounce in our step.”

“Passion is yours.”

And for me, personally, passion is purple.

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