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Today I had lunch with a friend that I haven’t seen in two years. Catching up with her adventures and accomplishments made the time apart seem like yesterday.  She remains the same, I have changed.

Our conversation began as it ended –  “how are the girls and have you found a boyfriend?”  She is taking courses to complete her degree and has a new position with a different company.  For me, I continue to do what I love with my loving husband supporting me.  Changes for her, consistency for me.

We talked about trends and technology and working smarter.  We talked about partnering again to make changes and influencing others  forever changing how we see our future focus.  In the wedding industry, business owners have to be willing to adapt – able to change and embrace the trend – or find their booking calendar empty.  For those who are not willing to listen to new ideas or create a twist on an existing concept will find themselves with open dates to fill and time on their hands.

Our clients want to work with professionals who can see their vision and develop it and make it happen.  Our clients do not want what their sister or friend had.  They want their own wedding carried out with their colors, theme, focus and rhythm forever changing what is considered ‘standard or correct’ to ‘unique and creative.’

Look to the past to plan your future wedding. The past will help you decide what you want or don’t want forever changing your outlook.

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