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My first memory of baking was in the basement of my childhood home with an empty candy box of individual chocolate wrappers using my sister’s Easy Bake Oven.  The specific year I don’t remember but I must have been about six of age. My Mom was washing clothes downstairs and took me with her to keep an eye on me.  I stood next to her and the ringer washer with the smell of bleach in the air, swishing sounds coming from inside the washer and I watched the wooden pole in her hands smash the clothes to the bottom of the machine.  Being bored and looking for something to do, I saw the oven and candy wrappers. I flattened the dark, waxy papers so they looked like hamburgers and tried to bake them in the oven.   Mom stopped me before the papers went up in flames.  From that day forward, I was in the kitchen, ‘underfoot’ as my Dad would say, trying to help create an edible masterpiece.  It was several years later that my kitchen role changed from dishwasher to lettuce cutter to lemon-lime Jello maker with shaved carrots. 

The rest of the story unfolds in my own kitchen preparing for another holiday feast, birthday party or picnic.  It wasn’t until I reached my mid-40’s that I realized that I could take all the experiences over the years and focus on creating a specific, life-changing day – weddings!  

As of December, 2010, my designation as a Professional Bridal Consultant (PBC) with the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) has helped me focus on many happy weddings and receptions for destination brides and local Carolinians.  The program with ABC is thorough, focused, and developed by wedding professionals who know the industry and have a history of mentoring novices, PBC and MBC.

Thankful for all who have helped me find my niche, I give thanks to my parents, my sisters for sharing their Easy Bake Oven and to my brother who likes my pumpkin roll.