Within the Island Packet is an article written by Kelli B. Grant.  I don’t recognize her name in the wedding industry but I would like to meet her and shake her hand.  Kelli wrote an article focusing on ten things a bride should know about the wedding industry.   The title of the piece is “10 Things the Wedding Industry Won’t Say” and she tells her side of the story straight up.  Kelli starts with “We could go out of business before your big day” and ends with “Every artist was first an amateur; many still are.”

Her point of view is insightful as a direct hit focusing on ten topics that every bride and groom need to be aware of and ask for.  In my opinion, the wedding industry needs start informing clients of the service they will provide.  Stop being vague and assuming that the bride knows everything.  They (the bride & groom) don’t know!  Sure, they have an idea of what they want and how it is to unfold.  But, what they don’t know and don’t see behind the scenes leads to the questions and insight Kelli Grant explains in her article.

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