The Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) ‘Wedding Planner’ Magazine arrived in my postal mailbox last week.  This September/October publication rates high on my list of reference material due to an article written focusing on referral fees and kickbacks. 

As a Professional Bridal Consultant with the ABC, the Code of Ethics is clear.  All ABC members need to disclose any referral fee or kickback received from vendors (that provide a service) that is associated with the booking of your event. 

My Preferred Vendor List reflects businesses that I have worked with in the past and have provided exceptional service.  These businesses are on the list because of what they can provide.  I do not ask for or accept referral fees or kickbacks.  All of my brides have the option to select who they want as a vendor for their wedding.  I offer suggestions on who I have worked with, who would do a great job and even go to the extent to research new businesses to offer several choices to my bride.

To quote Mark Kingsdorf, MBC, ABC Florida state coordinator, Clermont Florida – “We are very clear with clients that we don’t take them and that we refer to wedding professionals based on the quality of their work, their reputation, and who is the best fit for the client’s style and budget.”

 I couldn’t have said it better.